Foreign Harbors I #3 of Montran

#3 in the SciFi Fantasy of Major Jina Gari Zohra and Lt. Commander Lady Alexandra Harriet Montran. This is Foreign Harbors Part I Disclaimers: SEX: There is sex between consenting adults in many forms. Ahh, yes. The ‘many forms’. Think of all the possibilities of species dumber or smarter than homosapients populating the space near Earth and afar. Hurt/Discomfort – there is the death of a fetus. Review:  Lt. Commander Lady Alexandra Montran and Major J.G. Zohra now married are headed back to their neck of the galaxy, accompanied by Lt. Megan Vanster. Since they are not on a timetable, they are stopping at various ports on their journey towards the Eckron and Zed sectors. Not far ahead of them, is the new science and battle-class ship a Verbouth Argonaut, shortened to Vernaut, launched as Catching Butterflies, and an older battle-class ship, Emperor’s Last Chance, crewed by those from Eckron and Zed sectors. Their job is to keep an eye on the two SEC ships that have prisoners that are awaiting sentencing by the Counsel of Rings.

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