Whispers From Another Life

Between or interwoven are dimensions that can be sensed if not validated with something in the immediate solid third dimensional world, but it does affect those who experience it.

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07 Jun 2019

Vampire Business

Two vampires taking a road trip in a motorhome with two mortals taking care of the day business, seems unlikely, but that’s what Helen of the Vincente Clan found herself doing, with Bertie, an agent of the Tilda Clan accompanying her. Their respective clan councils asked them to locate a missing VIP and an explanation of the names he was gathering information on.

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09 Dec 2014

Vampire Adjuncts

Helen Vincente wakens from hibernation and promptly her life is threatened. Not entirely aware of who she is she gets swept up into conspiracies that are decades old. While she tries to work through the complications of what bad blood does to her memories she has to decide who is friend and foe. Over the centuries alliances and enemies change.

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08 Sep 2014

Victoria Handle, PI – The Odd and Misplaced

My name is Victoria Handle. I’m a private investigator and on occasion I locate things — or some things. When I first started out on my own in the PI business, I balanced investigative jobs with finding objects because it was fun. That is, until my clientele moved from exclusively human to a mixture of supernaturals. Yep. They’re out there and a lot of them look no different than…well, I don’t really know what normal is anymore so I’ll just leave it at that.

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02 Jan 2014

Victoria Handle, PI – Weird Partnerships

My name is Victoria Handle. I’m a private investigator. My clients are varied from human to supernatural and not all my adventures are in one time line. Over the years I’ve been reluctant to take on some clients in the supernatural classification, like vampires. I have many reasons but none seem to get to the core of why until I formed a partnership in a case that starts out looking for a vampire’s special cane he hid that’s gone missing.

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19 Nov 2011

Dreaming of a Better Life

Two women are brought together in a storm, somewhere on a long stretch of freeway where even rural homes are hours away. Both women slowly discover an unusual connection, bringing them together as friends and then something more. Unperceived gifts they share come to the foreground and make their bonds even stronger.

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19 Feb 2003